On politics

I personally believe Donald Trump is a liar and possibly a dangerous lunatic. I will probably vote for him.

My change of attitude towards Trump is almost completely the fault of Scott Adams’ blog:

Budget-wise, we are probably on the road to ruin. The more-of-the-same president is unlikely to stop the special interests and big money players from bloating the budget to the point of crushing debt.

Nor would we have any reason to expect the economy to have any extra zip under a more-of-the-same scenario. So no matter how bad you think Trump might be for the economy, the more-of-the-same alternative is probably a pathway to crushing debts and financial doom.

And once the economy dies, we all die. So as risks go, “more of the same” might be the highest risk of all. The only way we would escape economic doom under the more-of-the-same scenario is for some unpredictable future event to change our direction in a positive way. Is that likely?

Trump, on the other hand, is an unpredictable future event that can change just about anything, as we have already learned. So in terms of economic risk, Clinton is a path to probable budget doom whereas Trump can go either way.

After reading the above article and others on Scott’s blog, I have come to suspect that Trump is not crazy, but rather “crazy like a fox”.  I said above that I believe that Trump is a liar and possibly a dangerous lunatic, but interestingly, he is lying about being a dangerous lunatic.  He’s pandering to the dangerous-lunatic constituency.

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