micRoton vehicle

The micRoton vehicle is a concept for a single-stage-to-orbit helicopter, similar to the one proposed by Bevin McKinney and Gary Hudson. Gary sent me mail about his project. They call their project Roton, which is the origin of the name "u-ton" (micRoton). MicRoton is a personal size, personally developed vehicle, for my personal use.

(Wired Magazine ran an article on Roton in the May 1996 issue.)

My plan involves building a succession of inexpensive, subscale vehicles to progressively expand my personal aerospace-engineering skills and experience. Developing micRoton is my hobby.

I expect this project to take on the order of 20 years, at least. Annual budgets will be that of a fairly expensive hobby. It therefore presents no competition to the original Roton being developed by HMX Inc. Indeed, I hope and expect that McKinney and Hudson or others succeed in opening the space frontier before I do. But if they don't, I will.

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