Black Horse Disclaimer


These pages are maintained by me (Daniel Risacher) for informational purposes only. I am not officially affiliated with Mitchell Burnside Clapp, the Black Horse program, or Phillips Labs at Kirtland AFB. Any connection that I have to the USAF is incidental to the fact that I maintain a WWW page about the Black Horse. In particular, the fact that I am an AFROTC cadet, and the fact that I worked at Phillips Labs at Hanscom AFB are coincidental to my maintainence of the Black Horse WWW page and should not be construed to lend authority to these pages. Material contained in these pages is not guaranteed to be accurate, although an effort for veracity has been made except where noted. All works are copyright their respective authors. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of MIT, LCS, IM, PL, USAF, or any other agency.

Hypertext Material on the Black Horse authored by me is redistributable, in whole or in part, provided that no commercial gain is made, and that it is not used with misleading or malicious intent.

All images are copyright their respective creators. In particular, the CFD images are copyright 1994, David Lednicer, Analytical Methods, Inc. and the QuickTime movie is copyright Sabri Sansoy. `QuickTime' is a trademark of Apple Computers, I believe.

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