Black Horse Image Gallery

Black Horse Image Gallery

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The painting below demonstrates the mission profile of the Black Colt.
176k PNG / 65k JPEG
This painting is an artist's view of the Black Horse refueling, as seen from the KC-135 tanker.
120k PNG / 25k JPEG
This is an image from CFD simulations of the vehicle's aerodynamics.
This image is Copyright 1994, David Lednicer, Analytical Methods, Inc.
136k PNG / 44k JPEG

This is a painting of the Black Colt created for Analog magazine.
24k PNG / 15k JPEG

This is an image which was sent to me by Focus Magazine, showing the spaceplane during reentry.
46k PNG

This is another image which was sent to me by Focus Magazine, which also shows the different phases of the mission profile.
176k PNG

These images are from a student at Indiana State University who builds models. His email is <>. He had these pictures on his WWW page of his model of the Black Horse. (redistributed with permission)
120k PNG
90k PNG
168k PNG

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