The Gz plugin for the GIMP

This is a quick and dirty page that is the semi-definitive reference on the gzip plugin for the Gimp. I apologize for the lack of gimp graphics. The source is gz.c.

As of 4 Oct 1997, I've updated the plugin to understand file magic. As soon as I remember my author-password to the plugin registry, I'll update it in the registry, and I'm sure the changes will get worked into the next Gimp release. The changes I made should also be made to the bzip2 plugin, which should happen soon.

As of Gimp 0.99.10, Gz comes standard and works correctly without patches to the application. I don't know of any bugs with this version.

As of 30 May 1997, I uploaded to the plugin registry an updated version of gz that is less likely to overwrite files when the indirect save method fails.

Under earlier versions of the Gimp (0.99.9 and below), gz didn't work correctly without patches to the Gimp application itself. If you are running versions this old, upgrade.

Gz is no longer in active development, and I have received no bug reports since it's release. It appears to be stable. Nevertheless, if you have constructive feedback, let me know.

Other notes