Calendar templates for Hipster PDA (2011-2021 & more)

Doug Johnston publishes a really neat pack of templates for the Hipster PDA. I find this pretty useful, with one exception: the year-at-a-glance page only goes up to 2007. Once 2008 rolled around, this was not so useful. So, I waited around a bit for someone else to fix this lack, until I got a bit impatient and created my own. Since I have no idea what software Doug used, and I have no interest in making a year-at-a-glance calendar by hand, I created my quick-and-dirty replacement as a perl script that generates the PDF.

The PDFs that I generated (3x5 and US Letter) (originally 2008-2009, now 2011-2021) and the perl source code are here available for use and re-use under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Enjoy, and good luck Getting Things Done!