Everybody needs a space program.

The United States has NASA. Europe has the ESA. Japan calls theirs NASDA. Canada has the CSA. The US Air Force has AFSPC. Brazil has INPE. Scotland has STAAR.

u-ton is my space program, founded 25 October 1995.

The goals of my space program are:

  1. To enhance my knowledge about space technology.
  2. To further develop my personal engineering skills and capabilities.
  3. To build a vehicle capable of achieving orbit at minimum cost.
  4. To colonize the solar system.
  5. To subjugate and conquer the inferior species I encounter in outer space, of course.

Currently there are four projects of my space program:

While some people will criticize my space program as impractical, it is my firm belief that there is nothing so magical about spaceflight that only large bureaucracies can do it. My plans are unrealistic, but that doesn't mean I won't succeed anyway, and I'll certainly have fun trying.

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