Last modified: Tue Mar 1 10:29:02 2005

Zanteck Custom Design provides awful service

I hired Zanteck Custom Design, of Annnandale, Virginia to:

  1. install an exterior sliding glass door where there was a small window in my dining room
  2. add an interior door between the bathroom and the dining room.

Adding the interior door also required:

  1. removal of a large vanity from the ground-floor bathroom
  2. remodeling the bathroom with a small vanity, mirror & light.

Zanteck said they were finished and walked (stormed?) off the job today. I expected to have a finished project, ready for paint. I don't.

Holistically, the quality of the work around the sliding glass door is pretty good. The exterior siding around the door was replaced and has no obvious defects. The molding around the door looks good. The drywall that was added to replace the plaster is smooth and well done. I am impressed at how well the gap in the floor was filled and how good it looks.

Things wrong with the work for the sliding glass door:

I regard these issues as minor; hardly worth mentioning except that I want the keys.

The bathroom work, on the other hand, is not so good. The word "terrible" comes to mind. Much of the problems were in the details, but finicky details are why bathrooms are hard, and therfore why adding an interior door was expected to cost $4000.

Things wrong when they left:

While some of these issues are minor, several are substantive:


Other comments:

I think the root problem was that Zanteck had someone incompetent attempt the electrical work, and they messed it up. This delayed construction for several days while they tried to fix the problem. (And a snowstorm didn't help.) Paying the electricians ate into their profits so that they were losing money on the job and they tried to get out quick.