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Dan's 1997-2002 picture gallery

This is circa 1997-2002 stuff.

Can you tell I don't spend as much time doing web work since I left school?

A set of circa 1996 pictures is also available.

A set of circa 1994-1995 pictures is also available.

Me and my niece Bethany.

Some geek at work.
He kinda looks like he's just testing the new digital camera.

Me, looking inordinately pleased that I became a homeowner.

The family gathering in 2000.

The family gathering in 2001.
Amusingly, I'm wearing the exact same shirt as in 2000.

Sailing the cat on the Occoquan in 2001 with Alex and Sandy

Windsurfing on 8 Oct 2001.
Butterfly farm in Costa Rica, 12 Mar 2002
And yes, that's a Monarch butterfly on my shirt.

Rafting in Costa Rica, 13 Mar 2002