Dan's RC plane picture gallery v2.0

These are pictures of my RC plane in construction. These show from wing construction to taxi tests. Construction of this plane is part of the micRoton project.

Building the wing.

The uncovered airframe.

Getting help from my cat.

Trimming the aileron pushrods with my Dremel Moto-tool.

Almost done! Just need to put on the wingtips!

Balancing the plane.

Jay Moore and I get our planes ready for taxi tests without the wings attached. Both planes are Goldberg Eagle II's. Mine, on the left, has a OS 40 FP engine. Jay's has a Super Tigre .45.

Jay taxi's around the athletic field.

I taxi around the field.

Jay chasing his plane along.

We flipped them a few times, but no damage was done.

More pictures in the future, after I've flown it.