Dan's RC plane picture gallery

These are pictures of my RC plane in construction. This batch only shows up to engine break-in. There is another batch that shows up to taxi tests. Construction of this plane is part of the micRoton project.

The kit arrives in the mail.

I read the instructions for my Goldberg Eagle II.

I toy with the OS FP .40 cu inch engine.

Attaching the test stand to the pallet we used to anchor it. In the background is the Harvard boathouse, where a state police helicopter crashed last fall.

Putting 5% nitromethane modelling fuel into the 8 oz fuel tank.

Trying to start the plane with an electric starter.

My friend Jay Moore fueling his Super Tigre .45. In the background, you can see that instead of starting my engine, I've managed to unscrew the propeller.

Jay very carefully adjusts the needle valve that regulates the fuel mixture while his engine is running.

Trying again to start my engine. It did start eventually, despite the cold weather.

More pictures...