Monthly Archives: August 2004

Work Blogging?

I’m thinking that I should start writing daily blog entries about what I do at work.  Then I can publish that sort of information to my boss and co-workers. This will require some enhancement of the blog-engine, since I don’t want my "personal" blog entries to interfere with my "work" entries and vice-versa.  So I need to add a "category" field to the database, and to the management screens.

Today I downloaded the NCES SDKs (which is just the security and service discovery services, so far) and read through the FAQ’s and User Guides for them.  They’re java implementations, and I don’t have a working Java IDE for my work computer (which is temporary anyway), or for home.  (I did once, but it’s bit-rotted.) 

It’s annoying to not have the comforting tools of my own machine (i.e. my linux-server) here at work.  Sure, it’s just a network connection away, but my DSL line is kinda slow.  I also installed Cygwin on my work machine, which makes it passingly more useful to me.

I updated the Kupu editor last night for the Blog engine to version 1.1, because 1.0.3 was not working well with the stupid IE version here at work.  It’s working, but the title property isn’t updating.  Grr.  Hmm. I do have netscape 4.7 installed… I wonder if that would work.  I suppose I could just install Mozilla for win32. 

Oh, I also read some about FCS today – the DARPA C2 Experiment 4 Phase 2 report.  It’s passingly interesting.

I chaired a meeting of the OSD Desktop Engineering IPT, too.  Attendance was poor (5 people), but progress was good.  I tasked a bunch of stuff to Quintin; all of which is pretty easy but should have big returns, such as setting up the central repository, etc.

Hmm.  Gotta remember to talk to Ki tomorrow.


Last week I started a new job with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration). My new office isn’t in the Pentagon anymore, (Huzzah!) it’s in Crystal City. The down side of this is that I’m slightly farther away from home in the new space, but the up side is that I’ve used this as an excuse to buy a motor scooter.

In Virginia, like many places in the US, vehicles with less than 50cc displacement engine are technically described in the law as "mopeds", and are regulated pretty much like bicycles. In other words, you don’t need a motorcycle license, nor does the vehicle require license plates or registration. Most important for this area, it’s perfectly legal to park them anywhere you would park a bicycle. (Parking in Crystal City currently costs about $110 USD per month.) Plus, it’s fun to ride!