This is my personal blog.  While I am currently an employee of the United States Department of Defense, any opinions posted here are my own and do not represent a position of the United States Government, the Department of Defense, or the DoD CIO.

Um, well.   Unless I’m quoting from an official policy document, in which case that is a official position, by definition.

As a policy wonk, though, I spend a lot of time reading and interpreting policy.  Any interpretation of policy is my own.

Even if I wrote the policy.  For example, one of my minor accomplishments in life is writing the 2009 memo on Open Source Software from the DoD CIO – which has been used as a model by other agencies as well.  This makes me the de-facto subject matter expert on Open Source Software policy in the DoD.  While I wrote that guidance, and I could tell you I meant – the actual words have to stand on their own.  The memo was painfully coordinated with the Military Departments, with other parts of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and with the Office of General Counsel.  The organizations that concurred with that memo concurred with what I wrote, not with what I meant.

Also, the posts on this blog are presumably copyright me, Daniel Risacher, as the author.  It’s a little unclear – if this were part of my “job”, then the content is a work of the United States Government and is not subject to copyright protection in the United States.  Candidly, while writing this blog is not part of my assigned official duties, I write it because I’m passionate about my work.  I, sadly, cannot turn off my brain when I walk into the office.  I might type the posts on my own time, but some part of my brain is always writing.

It probably doesn’t matter.  Who, in the name of history, would want to plagiarize my blog anyway?  Any content that’s mine is hereby licensed CC-BY-SA. Any content that I wrote as part of my job is public domain.   If you aren’t sure, ask me.

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