Monthly Archives: May 2005

Rolling Thunder 2005

I went to Rolling Thunder this year on my moped, which was fantastic. I only saw one other moped in the sea of motorcycles, and it was another Kymco. Here are the pictures.

Ironically, after waiting around for hours to start the procession, I followed the group of cycles that I was with right past the national mall, and proceeded to get lost in DC. I wasn’t planning to stay too long at whatever events were planned at the mall, but I would have stayed around long enough to check it out.

If I go next year, I should definitely remember to bring a hat and some sunglasses.

Blog failure

So, I guess I’m not doing so hot at this blogging thing. It’s been almost two months since there was an entry in the blog, and that was Suzette slipping in an entry.

I’m busy. Getting very nervous about the imminent arrival of my son.

We went yesterday to the U. S. National Arboretum. Which, incidentally is not same as the U. S. Botanical Garden.

I’ve been thinking more and more about doing some work blogging. To do that, I’d need to build an secured blog that would be readable by .mil hosts and folks with DoD PKI certs. I took a few moments a while back to research how to get Google to index a page without caching the contents, which I think is fairly essential for the effort to be worthwhile.

I’d also like to write some about my thoughts of the boat project one of these days, but maybe not tonight.