Monthly Archives: May 2013

‘Reverse-Proxy Friendly’

tl;dr: Web apps should work behind reverse-proxy servers out of the box.  Use relative URLs.

As a digression from my usual policy-wonk fare, I’d like to take a short moment to coin a term: “reverse-proxy friendly”.  This is a property of web-applications such that they can be used behind a reverse-proxy server without the need for the proxy server to re-write URLs in HTML.  (And without the for the operator of said application to modify anything about the app.)  The main thing that a web app needs to do (in order to be reverse-proxy friendly) is to use relative URLs, but sometimes there are other changes as well, such as changes to Javascript that computes AJAX or WebSocket endpoints.

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The Dave and Gunnar Show

I had coffee with Gunnar last Friday, and in passing, I congratulated him on his podcast, the Dave and Gunnar Show.  I like his podcast, but in general I noted that my commute is too short to listen to podcasts, and most days I find it’s a little too distracting to listen to a podcast while working.  I have too many childcare responsibilities to listen at home.

Apparently he responded to this by promptly mentioning me and my blog in his podcast, (at the end no less) thus forcing me to listen to the whole thing.   And I note, as fabulous solutions providers, they provided advice on how to listen at 2x speed.

Thanks for the recognition, guys.

Now I’ll have to get the bluetooth adapter for my motorcycle helmet working again.