I was watching TV last weekend, and I ran across a show on the new TNN called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Basically, it’s an old Japanese game show where contestants compete for prizes by doing silly, and sometimes dangerous stunts. Added to this is voice-over of American comics doing fake translation. You end up with something pretty humorous, if you’ve got a taste for slapstic comedy. Normally I don’t, but maybe I was just in the right mood; the show had me laughing out loud.

Following this show was a made-up sport called “Slamball“. Slamball is like basketball, except that there are trampolines embedded in the court, four on each side, near the net. And there’s plexiglass surrounding the court, kinda like hockey. They portray it like it’s a real sport that’s gonna catch on. And who knows, it might. I found it significantly more entertaining to watch than real basketball, but maybe that’s just because of the novelty. I’ve never been a big sports fan of any kind, really.

Suzette got me to watch the Tour de France this year, and occasionally I follow the New England Patriots, and I’ve gotten interested in some sailing races. Le Race and the America’s Cup. I’m not a sports fan, but I might have to start watching Slamball. Trampolines are fun.