stroller shopping

So on Sunday, Zette took me to Babies-R-Us to go shopping for baby-stuff. We ended up spending 3+ hours trying to pick out a car seat and/or stroller system. In the end, we reached no firm conclusions. Because of her disability, Zette isn’t sure she’ll ever use a detachable infant car seat to carry the baby, and she’s not sure she can realistically fold and maneuver any of the larger strollers.

We strongly considered the Graco Metrolite Travel System which is pretty lightweight. This is what I think I’d go for, given the choice, but I’m not the one with significant physical disabilites. She’s more interested in a strap-on chest carrier, and a convertible car seat (meaning it converts from rear-facing seat to front-facing seat to booster seat). [UPDATE: She bought the chest carrier for cheap on eBay.]

I guess it’s a sign that I’m getting into this fatherhood thing when I can spend three hours shopping for strollers and wonder where the time went.