home birth?

Zette’s gotten interested in having a home birth and we took a tour of the Alexandria Birth Center. It was pretty neat. I discovered yesterday that one of my co-workers’s wife delivered there just two weeks ago.

She and I both are pretty happy with the idea of a home birth as being better for her, although we aren’t opposed to a hospital birth. Suzette’s disabilities may make it more comfortable to deliver in some position other than the typical hospital pose. Of course, the normal concern is “What if something goes wrong?”, to which the answer is that you transfer to a hospital. Considering where we live there are plenty of those nearby. Little can go wrong that cannot wait for a 2-mile drive (or anbulance ride, if somehow that’s necessary). The nearest fire station (i.e. the nearest ambulance) is 0.3 miles away. There are some advantages to living in the city.