plant thieves

One of our neighbors wasn’t home when she had an arrangement of flowers delivered, and the delivery guy didn’t want to leave them outside, so he dropped them off at our house, and left a note for the recipient saying that she should come by our house to pick them up.

We have a rosemary plant in the shape of a small christmas tree on our front step which is completely dead. It’s just dried sticks. We were waiting patiently that night for the neighbor to show up and claim her flowers – eventually we got impatient, and Suzette tried to deliver them.

To their mutual bewhilderment, the neighbor asserted "But I already got the delivery!" And Zette saw she had taken our completely dead rosemary bush, thinking it was hers.

I’m going to have to add images to the blog just so readers can appreciate the humor of this. You have to see this dessicated stump of a rosemary bush to appreciate how funny it is that someone would think it was a gift.