November odds-and-ends

Megan has moved beyond walking just a few steps, to walking as a preferred mode of travel. She still falls down when encountering any small obstacle, but she’s getting better everyday. She had her first peanut-butter and jelly sandwich today. While she’s always been cute, she is getting more fun as she discovers how to do more things. She’ll climb into her toy box, or figure out how to put one toy into another and carry them around.

In the nostalgia department, I visited the house in Orlando where I lived when I was four years old. I don’t remember much about that house and I had a fair bit of trouble finding it. (The name of the street has changed from North Bay Road to Main Street) The roads were still the same dusty gravel. The current owners were the same ones that bought the house from my parents 27 years ago, and in fact, still had a toy ("park-n-play") that I recognized. (They offered to show me the toy as long as I promised not to claim it.) The lake (Lake Butler) was the same. Most of the oaks are gone, victim of one hurricane or another.

I’m thinking about building a Wiki engine for work and home. I’ll do it in mod_perl, of course. There is at least one Wiki engine already (MiniWiki) that’s built for mod_perl, and I’ll examine that for use as a base. Feature wise, I need something that’s Public Key Enabled (PKE), to provide for easy identity management for DoD users, and provides a basic level of authorization. Also, I’d like to have an associated discussion thread for each WikiNode, that does not use the Wiki editing metaphor. I can’t stand the clutter of using a Wiki as a discussion board. Wikipedia does this well, I think. I also have a vision of having a easy-to-use upload and link/embed mechanism using a "clipboard frame" on the side. (But first-things-first, I have to get the basics working.) Embedding Kupu would be a nice feature also. And I saw a neat javascript drawing tool too. Hmm.

I’ve gone over 1000km on my scooter, which means it’s due for a check-up. I’ve really enjoyed having the scooter and commuting on it, but it’s starting to get significantly cold, and I need to have a better mechanism for staying warm while riding.